Nelsy Massoud till 26th of January

27TH of Nov till 13TH Of January.

Born in 1957
Raised in lebanon
Lived in Ivory Coast for 4 years
Then in N.Y. For 23 years where I learned glass mosaic and became the assistant of a master mosaist Val
Had a few exhibits there in small galleries
Moved to Montreal and opened a gallery and workshop of mosaic for many students
Came back to beloved Lebanon in 2005
Participated in few exhibits with Nayla Bassili
My projects were for a hotel in Lagos,Nigeria.and privates in N.Y. and Montreal
This year my curiosity has expanded to using many mediums such as glass,metal,wood,sand,

styrofoam,fibre to express tranparency ,lightness,colors and lighting


My sensitivity goes to African art
Hope you enjoy this exhibit. I'm having fun preparing it for your criticism

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