Mazen Khaddaj 5th of February till 8th of March

"THE MIDDLE STATE" is the name of Khaddaj's upcoming exhibition in 392Rmeil393. The concept of the exhibition mirrors the mixed mazen khaddaj 9(1)feelings that the Lebanese people have towards their recent state. It is a war between extremes. In this exhibition he showcases the extremes leaving you to figure out your own middle state and draw your own red line, and it does not have to be red!


Opening vernissage February 5 2015 (6 – 9:00pm). The exhibition will consist of 29 paintings, 3 video installations and a live art performances (14, Feb 2015).

Mazen Khaddaj was born in Aley, Mount Lebanon in 1985. He attended The American University of Science and Technology and graduated with a BA in Graphic Design. Mazen has been painting and sculpting since childhood. He was part of several collective exhibitions and one solo. He is also an art director in JWT.


Jacques Vartabedian

Statement : In my dreams i'm awake, now its only in my dream that i consciously think that i think, i cannot distinguish my being alive from being dead, similarly to my being conscious and unconscious, but that is no obstacle to my knowing myself to be alive and conscious, perhaps the possibility that we dream is like that of being dead or unconscious .


The things i create are not new, cause after all, true life can sometimes be a dream, at the same time can be a nightmare, my dreams and my intuition are my guide. i sit in bed many times reliving my dreams, re-seeing them, rehearing them, and then i end up sometimes writing them if they seem to be interesting to me and then, i decide to turn a particular content or an image of the dreams i see to an artwork .

Nelsy Massoud till 26th of January

27TH of Nov till 13TH Of January.

Born in 1957
Raised in lebanon
Lived in Ivory Coast for 4 years
Then in N.Y. For 23 years where I learned glass mosaic and became the assistant of a master mosaist Val
Had a few exhibits there in small galleries
Moved to Montreal and opened a gallery and workshop of mosaic for many students
Came back to beloved Lebanon in 2005
Participated in few exhibits with Nayla Bassili
My projects were for a hotel in Lagos,Nigeria.and privates in N.Y. and Montreal
This year my curiosity has expanded to using many mediums such as glass,metal,wood,sand,

styrofoam,fibre to express tranparency ,lightness,colors and lighting


My sensitivity goes to African art
Hope you enjoy this exhibit. I'm having fun preparing it for your criticism

Beirut , is that really you?

George Haddad is a freelance photographer based in Beirut  with over 8 years of professional experience. His main fields are photojournalism and travel but he also works as a commercial photographer. Just returning from a four month trip to remote areas of SriLanka, George is now planning to move more into the commercial field by opening a studio based in Lebanon. George has worked with many national and international magazines and newspapers and is signed up with three major international agencies; Demotix,Arabian Eye and Majority World. He has worked with organizations such as the UN, Aishti and The Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee to name a few. Some of his work has been shown in group exhibitions in Beirut, Athens, New York and Aleppo and has won four separate awards for his work.ImageProxy

An unreal atmosphere grasps us, a chimerical story tells itself as the concrete rises, as the electrical wires vibrate and the neons sparkle. Is it really a city? Beirut, is that really you? Or are you but a mirage of a fantastical city whose heart beats through the colors of night and dust.
Distant plans invite us to a sort of large-scale voyeurism where every window, every door, every building, every street corner seem to be ready to reveal an intimacy. And yet, not a living soul… It is as if the city had taken over humans and became human itself in some kind of surreal anthro-pomorphisation. It is as if the city was breathing, conversing, looking at us. A
nd now Beirut is waking up in a new dimension, orchestrated by a ballet of magical lights, like urban fireflies, coming straight out from another world.



By Mona Asmar Hecker.

Master in Fashion Design from San francisco State University.1986
Master in Fashion Illustration and Applied Arts from San Francisco Art Academy.1983
B.A. from the National Lebanese Institute of Fine Arts in lebanon in 1973.
Teacher Retiree from the Lebanese University of Fine Arts.
Group exhibiton from 1984 in lebanon.
honored by the Irakian cultural Center in 1974.
3 Individual exhibitions:
Galerie Bekhazi in Beirut 1981.
 Dubai in 1982.
San Francisco 1983.
Permanent exhibition in Galerie Bekhazi 
this oil painting exhibition (expressionism) represent two periods.  the black and white paintings reflects the human sufferings while the paintings full of colours give a glance at our past style of living full of joy happiness ,luxury and a bit of heritage….